Sweet Orange Essential Oil  - DH Naturals

Sweet Orange Essential Oil 0.5 oz

DH Naturals

  • $6.00

The scent is heavenly and I knew it was used as a natural preservative and in natural cleansers for that clean smell. I started to do some research of the benefits and uses of orange oil and I was blown away at all that it can do! Just like the other essential oils, you’ll mandate this for your holistic remedy cabinet.

Most popular Uses:

  • Fighting irregular cells
  • Increasing circulation in blood vessels and preventing hypertension
  • Killing bacteria and pathogens
  • Natural preservative in natural products
  • Improves skin: add to carrier or cleanser
  • Improves mood and increases energy: diffuse
  • Natural antibacterial: add to hand cleanser
  • Digestive health and aid: massage on abdomen
  • Oral health: gargle with water and salt to treat sore throat, or gargle with water to treat cold sores, mouth ulcers, and freshen breath.

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